Q: What’s going on here then?

A: This is a home for my creative works, thoughts and random ideas.

Q: What sort of thing is that then?

A: A bit of everything, really. Some blogging on various media; mostly video games, but occasionally movies or television talk, and whatever mad rant I feel like at the time. Also some of my artwork, and a space devoted to my own peculiar brand of actual real-life rambling out in Britain, when I can compel myself to leave this chair. It’s a bit all over the place, which is kind of how I like it.

Q: So where do I find everything?

A: The main page contains everything, and there is a friendly menu at the top if you want to look at specific things. The Blog section has a drop down to filter by different categories, the Artwork section contains a gallery of my effort on that front, and if you’re interested in an archive of lies about places in Britain that I’ve visited, feel free to browse the Perfidious Albion section.

Q: And that’s it?

For now, yes. If I think of anything else, be assured I’ll find some way to shoe-horn it in here.



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